Q: What is this software for?

STR Tracker is specialized in tracking and reporting income and expenses for vacation rentals.


Q: Can I create my own expense categories?

Yes. you can create as many expenses categories as you want.


Q: Does STR Tracker integrate with Quickbooks?

No, STR Tracker replaces Quickbooks.


Q:Can I enter data from prior years?

Yes. you can enter data from previous years


Q:What if I have questions?

We're always here to help. Our customer support is done via email and most questions during normal business hours are answered within 2-3 hours (usually less in most cases).


Q: Are their setup fees or cancellation fees?

No. There are no hidden or extra fees whatsoever.


Q:How do I get all of my data if I stop using the site?

You can download your data whenever you want.