About Us

Once upon a time, there was a man named Peter who owned a vacation rental property. Despite its popularity and consistent bookings, Peter struggled to keep track of his income and expenses. He found himself spending hours each month manually entering data into a spreadsheet, which was time-consuming and prone to errors.

One day, Peter realized that he wasn't the only one facing this problem. Many other vacation rental owners were also struggling to keep track of their finances. That's when he had an idea: why not create a software solution that could help vacation rental owners like himself manage their finances easily and efficiently?

Peter was not a programmer himself, but he knew how to find the right people to help him bring his vision to life. He found a team of talented developers who were eager to work on the project, and together they set out to create a software solution that would simplify the financial management process for vacation rental owners.

The team started by conducting extensive research to understand the specific needs and pain points of vacation rental owners. They then worked on creating a minimum viable product (MVP) that would address these needs. The MVP was a hit with early adopters and received positive feedback from users.

With the MVP validated, Peter and his son Joaquin continued to develop and improve the software, adding new features and integrations based on user feedback. They also focused on creating a user-friendly interface that would make it easy for vacation rental owners to use the software, even if they had no prior experience with finance management.

After months of hard work, the software solution was finally ready for launch. Peter named it STRtracker, and it quickly became a hit among vacation rental owners. The software helped users save hours each month by automating financial tracking and reporting, and it made it easy for users to see exactly how much money they were making and where they were spending it.

Peter’s solution filled a critical gap in the vacation rental industry and quickly became the go-to choice for thousands of vacation rental owners around the world. It was a great success story of how one man's personal need led to the creation of a software solution that helped countless others. And that is how STRtracker.com came to be.