Why you should stop using spreadsheets to do your accounting.


Despite my proficiency using spreadsheets, I can confidently say that utilizing spreadsheets in lieu of an accounting program generally generates more work and effort than it is worth.

Spreadsheets typically begins as a sufficient solution for accounting purposes, yet when modifications, analyses, or keeping track of various vacations rentals become necessary, the time used to adjust spreadsheets is far greater than it ought to be. I understand this experience firsthand since this was my prior method before using STRTracker.


You still have to do data entry.

No matter how sophisticated your spreadsheet is, those heaps of receipts on your desk won't enter themselves. Even if you can access your bank statements electronically, you still have to copy and paste all the data into the relevant categories, which can be a time-consuming task if you have plenty of transactions.


Lack of financial reports

What steps do you take to compile financial records? Do you supply your accountant with a big spreadsheets that they need to analyze? How do you go about analyzing your finances within a certain period or over long-term intervals? What is your strategy for managing multiple properties?


It's not scalable.

 If you expand your portfolio or make modifications to the categories of information, it can be laborious to adjust the formulas in a large spreadsheet. If you've experienced this, then you know how difficult and tiresome it can be.


There is a better way

The whole reason we built STRTracker was to solve these exact problems. It's extremely easy to use and not overly complicated like most other accounting programs.